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Pre-order your new ProOzone Filter now, with a €50 deposit, it will arrive at your home in September.

Pre-order your new ProOzone Filter now, with a €50 deposit, it will arrive at your home in September.

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499,00 €
Prezzo di Listino: 799,00 €

ProOzone Reduce fumes

Notice to our customers:

Take advantage of the promotional price by blocking the offer with a deposit of €50, valid until this Sunday! This opportunity is available while supplies of the NEW ProOzone Filter last.
The NEW ProOzone Filter, now in its third generation, has fume inlets and outlets that have been enlarged from 80mm to 100mm compared to the previous model.
Furthermore, when pre-ordering, you can choose whether to have the smoke inlet on the left or right side.
All pre-orders will be processed as soon as possible and deliveries are scheduled for July 2024!

【Commitment to a Green Future】: Minimizing the environmental impact of heating systems is at the heart of ProOzone's vision. We are committed to combating harmful emissions such as PM10, PM2.5 and nitrogen oxides, driving innovation in the sector to foster a cleaner environment.

【Patented Innovation】: The ProOzone™ revolutionizes fume filtration with a two-chamber system, ensuring unparalleled efficiency. It works without electricity or mechanical parts, offering a superior filtering experience. With ProOzone™, say goodbye forever to soot, blackened walls and unpleasant smoke odors.

【Certified Excellence】: The ProOzone™ exceeds standards, obtaining the 5 Star Issue certification from Servizi SRL. This model guarantees an incredible filtering efficiency of 97%, significantly reducing emissions and soot.

【Ideal for Condominiums, Detached House】: With ProOzone™, enjoy the relaxing experience of the heat of a pellet stove anywhere. Forget about soot, unpleasant odors and dirty walls, thanks to its high and excellent emission performance.

【Zero Maintenance】: Forget about traditional flue maintenance. With ProOzone™ installed on an existing chimney with a roof outlet, the problem of cleaning chimneys becomes a thing of the past.


ProOzone's Green Mission

ProOzone is committed to the crucial mission of reducing the environmental impact generated by heating systems, laying the foundations for a more sustainable future for future generations. Although current regulations require the installation of roof exhaust systems for these facilities, we recognize that this does not solve the problem of pollution at the source, especially in winter.

In ProOzone , we firmly believe in our mission to protect the environment. We are committed to minimizing the climate impact, starting with our specialization in smoke and soot reducers for pellet stoves. This approach represents a significant advancement over current practices in the industry.

In close collaboration with our customers, we are dedicated to the mission of sustainability, working together towards a cleaner, greener world. Our goal is well defined: to actively promote positive change through innovative and sustainable solutions in the field of heating systems.

With ProOzone , let's do our small part for the well-being of the planet. Join us on this journey towards global climate improvement!


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